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Free Will is Powerful

My latest book discusses the negative and positive impact of free will on each life. Especially pertaining to God and our choices, free will makes the difference between eternal life and death. But let’s target spiritual things here.

For example, did you know that your free will and your walk with Jesus Christ can work together to totally defeat the enemy every time he slithers up to you with attacks and temptations? It’s true!

Child of God, your mind is your mind, and you have the God-given right to think ONLY the thoughts you want to think. Your body has been dedicated to the Lord of your own FREE WILL; therefore, you have been granted grace to choose righteousness. By God’s power, you can call on Holy Spirit and God’s angels to assist you in resisting the devil, every time!

Walk in the Spirit, and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

Galatians 5:16

All you have to do – of your own free will – is use your mind and soul to CHOOSE NOT TO BE DOMINATED by the enemy or your flesh. Make the decision to walk (or live) in the righteousness of God, and you will be helped by Holy Spirit not to fulfill the lusts (or cravings) of the flesh. You have it in your power to uproot every wicked deed and desire by coupling God’s power with His gift of your own free will.

In Christ, YOU are in the driver’s seat regarding who you will obey – NOT the devil. Let Jesus take the reins of your existence and indulge yourself in the things of His Spirit. Continue in His word, and your attitudes will not gravitate to the cruelties and disobedience of the flesh; rather, you will rejoice as your burgeoning desires to go ever higher in Jesus make you stronger each day. Works of the flesh will be abhorrent to you.

I bear living witness to the truth that God can and will effect mighty change within you when you say NO to the enemy and YES to God – all of your own free will.

AMEN! So be it, in Jesus’ Name!

Coming Soon: The Flesh Craves Destruction