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Prayers for the Inner-man: Healing

The same God Who healed the multitudes in scripture can and will heal you today. Do you believe it? All you have to do is believe He wants you well, and He will make you well!

God shows no partiality… only trust Him and you can receive your healing today. That means more than physical healing; emotional, spiritual, and financial healing are also yours through faith. God cares also about your dear pets – did you know that?

Give God a chance to show you His love, and you’ll LOVE Him! God bless you as you listen in and receive encouragements for your weekend. 😀

Prayers for the Inner-man 12 – Healing

Prayers for the Inner-man: Grief

Nowadays, no one has to be around for long to experience loss in one form or another. Truthfully, throughout history losses are experienced by young and old, daily. But how we deal with loss is what matters to our future.

Today’s brief podcast highlights the difference between a normal response to loss and a potentially crippling response to it. The enemy seeks to capitalize on such moments in our lives by making us believe tragedy, heartbreak, and disappointment will never cease; but, the devil is a liar! Remember that.

Listen in to the program for God’s righteous perspective and for prayer to help your emotions recover from the often hard-hitting grief caused by loss.

Prayers for the Inner-man 08 – Grief

Prayers for the Inner-man: Peace

Folks, it seems we need God’s peace more today than ever; but that’s not entirely true. Yes, these are certainly tumultuous times for those living without the Lord, and challenging times for the family of God. However, the family of God are the possessors of the one thing that separates them the most from the world’s turmoil: God’s Peace.

Jesus said in the Book of John:

“Peace I leave with you. My Peace I give unto you; not as the world gives do I give it unto you. Therefore, let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

John 14:27

Believe me, the Body of Christ benefits greatly from His words, every day! There is a place where permanent peace and safety is found… learn more about it in today’s podcast.

Prayers for the Inner-man 05 – Peace