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Jesus breaks the grip of childhood trauma

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By God’s power, it is definitely possible to recover fully from life’s early traumas. In her latest mini-book (the first installment of a four-part series), Christian author Sharon Palmer tackles the tough subject of self-hatred arising from childhood sexual abuse. Amid engaging testimony, she shares deeply personal snapshots of what it was like for God to rescue her soul and life from situations often hazardous, humiliating, and traumatizing. Thankfully, she doesn’t fail to bless readers also with the truth of joyous relief and transformation found in trusting the Lord to heal battered self-perspective. This series promises to bring readers a clearer understanding of the complete restoration process and power only God supplies when we cast our cares and burdens upon Him. Sharon assures everyone that lasting hope and healing awaits all those who will receive it from God – The Faithful Father.

Here’s a SURE Hope for Your Future

Every man and woman on earth holds the keys to success and failure in life, though most don’t know it. Everything we do and say is “sowing” or planting seeds in our lives. Good seeds sown bear good “fruit” (or results). Bad seeds sown bear bad fruit; every outcome is up to us. This entire process is an ancient law established by God Himself, called the law of “sowing and reaping”. In her latest book, Sharon Palmer discusses how sowing some simple, specific seeds in righteousness will yield for you a bright, victorious harvest in every area of your life!

Mini-books are ideal for new, young, and even seasoned Christians who want to learn Godly principles, but don’t have time to read longer books or huge novels. Miss Palmer’s quick-reads cut to the heart of God’s message for all believers with clear, powerful, bible-based, anointed teachings brimming with love and wisdom from His very Throne.

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Reading This Book Will Change Your Outlook on Life

Truths in this book, from first to the last riveting, scripture-based chapter will rock your world!

In her new book, There Comes a Time… , intercessor, author, and teacher Sharon Palmer confronts an uncomfortable, yet unavoidable subject: Free will.

In five provocative, scripture-based chapters she moves readers to seriously consider that this irrevocable gift from God will determine the final destination of all of earth’s inhabitants, uniting or dividing friends and families, forever.


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