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Prayers for the Inner-man: Laughter

“A merry heart does good, like a medicine.” Proverbs 17:22a

Don’t get upset when something truly funny happens in the midst of a “serious” situation! God has a way of breaking the tension of anger and strife with humor; it’s a weapon, really. 😀

Listen in to learn more about the Divine gift of laughter as we pray God continually deposits His smiles to break sorrow in our inner-man.

Prayers for the Inner-man 02 Laughter

Prayers for the Inner-man: Humility

Short, powerful prayers to help build Godly character within us!

Greater humility in daily life is essential for every human being, but critically essential to the child of God. Our witness must bring God’s light to the lost, with no spotlight on us or our “achievements”. Before learning about the benefits of humility, listen in for a clarifying word about pride

Prayers for the Inner-man 01 Humility