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Jesus breaks the grip of childhood trauma

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By God’s power, it is definitely possible to recover fully from life’s early traumas. In her latest mini-book (the first installment of a four-part series), Christian author Sharon Palmer tackles the tough subject of self-hatred arising from childhood sexual abuse. Amid engaging testimony, she shares deeply personal snapshots of what it was like for God to rescue her soul and life from situations often hazardous, humiliating, and traumatizing. Thankfully, she doesn’t fail to bless readers also with the truth of joyous relief and transformation found in trusting the Lord to heal battered self-perspective. This series promises to bring readers a clearer understanding of the complete restoration process and power only God supplies when we cast our cares and burdens upon Him. Sharon assures everyone that lasting hope and healing awaits all those who will receive it from God – The Faithful Father.

Prayers for the Inner-man: Integrity

Read Proverbs 22:1

Can it be said about you that you provide things honestly in the sight of all men? In a world full of lawlessness and corruption, can it be said of you that you speak and deal truthfully at all times with your fellowman?

Join me on today’s brief podcast as we further explore the meaning of integrity according to the Living God and pray together asking Him to grant us His character in all things, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

Prayers for the Inner-man 13 – Integrity

Prayers for the Inner-man: Healing

The same God Who healed the multitudes in scripture can and will heal you today. Do you believe it? All you have to do is believe He wants you well, and He will make you well!

God shows no partiality… only trust Him and you can receive your healing today. That means more than physical healing; emotional, spiritual, and financial healing are also yours through faith. God cares also about your dear pets – did you know that?

Give God a chance to show you His love, and you’ll LOVE Him! God bless you as you listen in and receive encouragements for your weekend. 😀

Prayers for the Inner-man 12 – Healing

Prayers for the Inner-man: Faith

The bible says that faith is a shield that will quench all the fiery darts of the enemy. Wow! But just what exactly is faith? Does scripture talk about that? It certainly does!

Listen in to today’s brief podcast to find out just what faith is and of what astonishing value it is to all those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Prayers for the Inner-man 11 – Faith