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Margaret’s Book Review of The Faithful Father – Part 1

I love the message given in the new book, Part I of The Faithful Father which shares the author’s personal conflicts as an adult caused by childhood isolation and abuse done to her by a trusted teacher. She bravely shares her journey of faith and trust in God to overcome the pain of her past that led to self loathing and hatred of who she had become. She goes deep into the difficulty of approaching God and living by the authority given believers in Christ for healing and restoration. 

Through her experience Christians learn how to subdue the flesh to live by the Spirit of God through Christian mind renewal from Roman’s 12:2 that transforms the soul with God’s Word. We watch her go through the trials of the flesh to the training of the soul to become fine-tuned by God for His purpose. We also see through her victories that we can overcome in Christ those areas of weakness in our lives that have come through abuse, confusion, our environments and family cultures. At the conclusion her readers learn that God does not see His children as we see ourselves, but instead as righteous through Christ Jesus!

This short book explodes with Biblical empowerment concerning Jesus’ work on the cross to save believers from eternal death and to lead them out of the darkness of sin.  None of us can come to Christ knowing how to be a successful Christian, but Sharon’s testimony proves the truth of God’s restorative Word with 50 years of life experience and victory over whatever has tried to make her fail and keep her from the authority of Christ Jesus to conquer and win.

John 8:12 says, “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” The Faithful Father Part 1 teaches how to follow this light and live it daily as a “new creation” and part of a “new nationality” in Christ. Author Sharon Palmer proves with her life that Jesus came to light the way for every person to be washed in His shed blood and be saved from eternal damnation. Read this book if you need healing, peace and abundant joy! 

Margaret’s Book Review of Whose Plan Is It, Anyway?

While many Christians haven’t been taught that they have a special and divine purpose, others believe it’s a mystery to learn what it is. This dynamic “quick read,” lays it all out for Christians to know how to begin this important part of salvation in Christ Jesus.

It’s not enough to be saved and go to church on Sundays! Christianity is a daily commitment for a lifetime. Salvation is only the first step and the beginning of living God’s plan for our lives. God created each of us so unique that, as Sharon puts it, “God has a blueprint for each of us.” We are not cookie-cutter clones of one another, because we all serve a special and unique purpose as members in the Body of Christ.

Be prepared for the wait! Sharon demonstrates that while we can easily embrace our purpose, it’s not always that easy to wait upon God for His will to be accomplished in our lives. Her words of wisdom give believers the path for patience to wait on God in faith while He prepares us through our walk with Him and in prayer to be ready in due time for each step.

How glorious to know that we’re not alone in this special calling we each have and that we can live our most fulfilled lives as we learn to trust in God.

Margaret’s Book Review of God Is Not Gray

Sharon Palmer breaks down the reason why Christians find it difficult to have a close relationship with God. She describes what God is not and Who God is to help Christians realize that personal brokenness and past negative experiences do not define God or His nature. We’re to lift our understanding to God’s thoughts and ways by following the Bible rather than lowering Him to our thoughts and ways as Isaiah 55:8-9 states.

She also uses her Christian knowledge and wisdom to help Christians define God’s truth in their everyday lives where they live and experience problems they can’t solve on their own. Many of these problems are keeping them from receiving God’s blessings. However, knowing Who God is helps Christians to allow the Word to overcome the tainted ideas they bring from the world to realize Christian transformation and ultimate victory over their circumstances.

I found a long list of great scriptural jewels embedded within the pages of this invaluable little book. The greatest message is that God is the author of all good things, while satan came to steal, kill and destroy. Yet anyone can overcome their problems in Christ to become whole by immersing their lives in the truth about Who God is. When they do, they will see that unlike human love, God’s love is unfailing, true and constant. 

Margaret’s Book Review of Sowing & Reaping: Vital Steps to Victory

The law of sowing and reaping is made clear in the new book, Sowing and Reaping – Vital Steps To Victory by Sharon Palmer. It’s a short book, but it clearly explains the process of how to have a prosperous and abundant harvest in life as well as finances and material goods.

Step-by-step Sharon gives the Biblical instruction for blending daily living and habits with scripture to insure God’s blessings. Most people think of tithes and offerings when the subject of sowing and reaping is discussed, but we learn that giving money to God is only a part of this important law. Whatever we sow, we reap, such as sowing love or kindness for example.

Along with her instruction for utilizing this law, we learn that where we give our tithes and offerings is also of utmost importance to our harvest in all areas of our lives including Christian instruction. There is a specific method of sowing financial seeds into God’s Kingdom if we desire to reap the full benefit and fruit of our labors.     

Christians need to understand the importance of giving this vital information priority in our lives for consistent obedience in our giving, forgiveness, love, or whatever we do. This book should be on the shelves of church libraries to ensure that giving in churches will glorify God.

Margaret’s Book Review of The Sweetness of God

This book is a journey on the path to victorious Christian living. Sharon’s writing glides her readers peacefully and joyfully through this upward path to receive God’s sweetness through His love, encouragement, healing, provisions or whatever we need. Most important, she shares the sweet joy of spending time with our Heavenly Father who continually blesses us even through our praises. 

Her excitement in the Lord is engaging and infectious, convicting the heart to worship God and spend time in prayer. Each page is an experience of enjoyment while drawing closer to God and getting a deeper spiritual sense of experiencing His nature.

I loved Sharon’s message that the Lord gave her about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that insures more interest and communication for salvation.  It takes away much of the apprehension many believers have when they approach people on the subject, and it leads to a more positive outcome. It’s a beautiful tool for successful evangelizing.

Sharon’s inspirational and inspired writing reflects her love of God and experience living the Word. She’s a great teacher and The Sweetness of God is a powerful little book that impacts one’s life to love and learn more about the Triune nature of God. I highly recommend it.

Margaret’s Book Review of There Comes A Time…

Everyone has been given the gift of free will by God, our Heavenly Father. However, in our day to day lives, most people regard having freedom of choice more for deciding what career to pursue, who to marry, where to live, for example. While these are indeed important choices in our life experiences, Christian leader, Sharon Palmer, shifts our thinking to God’s ultimate purpose for giving mankind a free will in her book, There Comes A Time.

Without complicating the issue of free will, she intelligently, yet simply clarifies God’s purpose of free will to choose eternal life over spiritual death. She shows why we all know right from wrong and how we make the choice to live separate from God by the way we live our lives. Using Noah from the Old Testament, we’re able to get a realistic picture of how choosing to follow God empowers our lives as opposed to following the world which brings destruction.

There Comes A Time proves with scripture that we can only choose to receive God and live Godly lives by our own free will because we love Him, not because we are forced to serve and obey Him. God is not a dictator. He will never force anyone to receive Him because this type of action is void of love. True love brings freedom to choose, and God is “love.”

I recommend this book for everyone who is not saved, unsure of their salvation, or for those who need help when sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. I also recommend this short but powerful book to Christian pastors to help them lovingly share with their congregations the importance of church and personal evangelism. We only have the opportunity to walk in humility before God while on earth. We have no other opportunity to acknowledge God as Maker, Creator, and the Source of all things. The choice we make on earth sets our eternal destiny for heaven or hell.