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” … [the righteous] shall be like a tree planted by rivers of water, which brings forth fruit in its season…”

Psalm 1:3 (AMPC)

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“Years ago, the Lord told me He was going to send the spirit of Noah upon the earth to strengthen the hearts of His people. Noah and his family were granted supernatural determination to build and enter the ark in the face of worldwide rejection of God. The Body of Christ now faces the exact circumstances, spiritually, as the time approaches for Jesus Christ’s rapture of His Church. Understanding God’s gift of free will and everyone’s right to it will help Christians maintain steadfast allegiance to God in this hour.”

Sharon Palmer

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Book Review by Margaret Lukasik

Everyone has been given the gift of free will by God, our Heavenly Father. However, in our day to day lives, most people regard having freedom of choice more for deciding what career to pursue, who to marry, where to live, for example. While these are indeed important choices in our life experiences, Christian leader, Sharon Palmer, shifts our thinking to God’s ultimate purpose for giving mankind a free will in her book, There Comes A Time.

Without complicating the issue of free will, she intelligently, yet simply clarifies God’s purpose of free will to choose eternal life over spiritual death. Read More at Victory Through Christ…

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